The 4X5

Thanks be to Jordie for introducing me to the 4X5.  Though they call it a field camera, its still a bit bulky and arduous.  Well worth the hassle though; the image quality is unbelievable.  With a good scan, I can blow these prints up to 10' tall!  Below is a sample of what I've been up to.  

Snow in Slow Speed, Big Bear
A Simple Scene, Harrisburg
Moonrise at f.64, Mugu Point
Evaporation, Mugu Point
LA "River"
The Evening Commute, Echo Park
Alien Landscape, Vasquez Rocks
Two Hours of Traffic, Taipei
Starry Night, Mono Lake


The Valley Isle

David and the Merry Band of Misfit Toys (Left to Right - Avo, Jessica, David, Maykee, Nate, Justin, Shawn) at the Juke Joint

Midnight surf crashing on the Waianapanapa coast, gotta love the front yard...

Palapala Ho'omau Church, Kipahulu shrouded by a beautiful Banyan

South Wailia Falls, will have to revisit in the rainy season          Only thing better than a Rainbow Eucalyptus is three!

Blowing glass, David as the Mad Scientist, Avo getting a tan, and Maykee and Justin working frantically. 
David LaChapelle - "The gayest portrait ever."
David diving, inspired by Muybridge.