Euro Trippin' Round 1

A month on the road, 14.000 km covered through 7 countries, $4000 damage to the rental car and 50 rolls of film later, I present the first batch of 6X6 scans from my recent wanderings though Europe.  Just a few of the highlights from a wonderful adventure, check back soon as more detailed posts of specific regions will shortly follow!
A shipwreck in Peloponessos, Greece
  The Seine in misc. towns, France
 Mossy forest over Innsbruck, Austria
 Mossy falls near Karlsruhe, Germany
 'The Wave' - River surfing in Munich
 Mont Saint-Michel, France
 Back in Gythio, Greece
 Forests surrounding Stuttgart, Germany
 Eastern shore of Italy, near Bari if memory serves me
These structures were dotting the northern coast of Lefkada, Greece
Ruins above Garmisch, Germany
 Castle of Brest, France
 Just a strange rotting condo complex in the middle of nowhere, Italy
The monasteries and nunneries of Meteora, Greece
 Lago di Garda, northern Italy
The Rialto, Venezia 
 Windmills near Rotterdam, Netherlands
 A fallen forest of birch in the Netherlands
Vineyards near Roverto, Italy