The Flyover States

Normally when doing the cross country thing, I like to do those 2000 miles in the middle as fast as my truck will take me, a blurred coffee binged stretch that couldn't end soon enough.  But on this last pass, I took some time, and found some fun things when I actually got off the interstate...


Arkansas is Awesome!

Wanted to share some pics from a stop over in Arkansas on my last cross country tour.  A huge thanks to the Chappell's for taking me in, Cynthia for making me feel right at home down south and Charles for showing me some great spots and hikes in the Buffalo River Valley.  Can't wait to see ya'll again soon!

Some old farming buildings long since abandoned in the Buffalo River Valley.  

Blanchard Springs, in the Ozarks region, as fresh as it gets!

Getting a shower Arkansas style at Hemmed-in Hollow.  At 209 ft., its the tallest waterfall between the Rockies and Appalachia.

Floating down the Buffalo.

Catching a sweet storm over the rolling hills of the Ozarks.  


Colorado Ghost Towns and Abandoned Mines

I spent a few weeks driving around the Rockies in Colorado and finding all sorts of great places long abandoned and slowly returning to the earth. 

St. Elmo, a wonderful preserved little ghost town in the heart of the Sawatch Range, and the jumping off point to a number of old mining sites way up in the mountains.  

Along Colorado's Scenic Alpine loop lies the ghost town of Animas Fork, an amazingly well preserved ghost town that has stood dormant since this mill closed more than 100 years ago.  

The bones of an old church jut out of a forest along Hwy 25 in eastern Colorado, the only remains of an old mining town which once thrived there.